Brahma – Father of Wands

The FOW is quite the impulsive and sexual fellow. Sometimes I think of him as the “older guy” (let’s say 50+) in the bar who is smarmy. Sometimes I think he’s the same guy without the smarminess but the center of attention that all the twinks are hoping will pay attention to them (‘Cause they need a daddy). Of course, there qualities exist in women as much as men, but the complexity of lesbian relationships have escaped me for years.

He might be a good lover, but he’s a quick lover, and he’s looking for the next adventure. Once satisfied, he’s looking at the next opportunity, the next conquest, thinking about the next time he can be with you.

He will change your life. He will introduce you to dreams you never knew existed. He’ll want to share ALL the avenues of life with you and the roller coaster will never stop.

His focus will always be split but his overarching objective is about driving forward and finding new experience. Definitely a social butterfly.

If you can handle someone who loves you in his way and you can be independent and secure in yourself and his wandering eye – then the KOW might very well be someone you want to chat up.

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3 thoughts on “Brahma – Father of Wands

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  2. Walter Reply

    Smarmy?! I never though to him that way…but okay. Interesting. I may have to start sexing up my deck and see what comes of it. 🙂

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