Is Your Boss Providing You With Motivation?

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I’ve been the employee who has had a boss that started off with a bang. Motivation all over the place. Forever. I felt lifted, supported, challenged. I’ve also been the employee where my boss started that way and the enthusiasm waned. And, of course, I’ve also been the employee who had a boss who could give a rats ass. I get it. We have a great boss if we’re lucky and mediocre to shitty bosses when we’re not. So I learned to find my own motivation. The problem is, that’s not always easy. Today I have an inspiring boss(es).  Still, I’m also in a place that I need extra oomph. And that’s only going to come from inside me. That’s where the Tarot comes in. It’s an objective 3rd party that allows you to see a holistic view of your situation. Once you have that insight, then you can start to make decisions about how to move yourself.

First, let’s ensure your boss is providing you with adequate motivation. I believe the formula requires an investment of 75% you and 25% her. Everything always comes down to relationships and how we interact with others on a personal level. When I think about Tarot and how it can support your relationship with your boss, it seems no different than exploring the intricacies of any relationship. I suppose the filter of the relationship is what makes the difference. If you apply a filter of romance, the discussion is based in the intangible understanding of love and, I would assume, the motivation of lust. If you apply a filter of professionalism, the discussion is based on the hierarchy of management and the motivation of success.

Your Motivation Perspective

Using Tarot to examine your relationship with your boss from your perspective is the most helpful. Especially if you’re hoping your boss can motivate you. Most bosses only want to invest in their top performers. So you might ask: how should you approach your relationship with your boss in order to have a successful partnership, what steps do you need to take to show growth in skills needed for the promotion you want, how can you be more visible (in a positive way) to your boss and the C-Suite of the organization? You could even examine recent events to see how they’ve played into your current circumstances. This look back would allow you to review of your actions and how you might alter them in future.

So each of these approaches provides an actionable solution for your underlying motivation of understanding your boss. We never want to know why someone does something unless it supports (or doesn’t support) our goals. Have you noticed that you don’t remember or care what someone does or why they do it unless it hinders you or moves you forward? So how do we work with another person’s motivation when we don’t know what it is?

The Motivation Behind the Relationship

To understand the motivations of someone else is an entirely different perspective than understanding your own. For one, I think that working though their perspective with Tarot is like psychic spying and unethical. So, I have a bit of a different take. Let’s understand how the relationship between you and your boss works. The Tarot reading shouldn’t bring in only their motivations (as if the reading was for them) but rather delve into both of your motivations and personalities. Tarot examines your relationship with your boss; the give and take or lack thereof, the wants and desires or absence of them, and your personalities and how they interact. After all, the reading is for you. We should examine how you fit into the big picture.

Once there’s a more solid understanding of how you work together, then you can start to navigate how you might work together in the future. Especially if you’re trying to achieve a goal like a promotion, a lateral move into another department, or simply establishing a relationship to further your career in the future.

LGBTQA Perspective

Now, because you’re a member of an elite community, you’re probably feeling like you’re under more scrutiny than others. And you’re probably right.  We often are put in the place to speak for and represent our entire community to those who are outside of it. So while your responsibility may be greater than just for yourself, the reading you’re receiving is just about you. So how do you approach this part of you and how it affects your bosses’ support? Do you need to remain closeted to feel safe? Or is the office ready to accept all that is fabulous about you? (I discuss some of this in the previous post about job searches.)

To address these concerns, we simply alter the question you’d like to ask. For example, you can explore what the outcome would be if you came out in your department and/or to your boss. You could ask what steps you should take in order to be safe and comfortable enough to come out at work.

In all, you’re working through understanding the relationships around you in a more concrete manner so you can take affirmative action.

Leave me your comments below and let me know what kinds of questions you have when it comes to understanding the relationship with your boss.


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