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“Someone is ascending!” I was just starting a Tarot reading for an individual who asked if I could connect with her husband who had recently passed. After shuffling and choosing a card I put the card in plain view. Normally I start speaking at this point. I felt a sound come out of my mouth as if that was about to happen and my breath was drawn back. I stared at the card.  Then I said, “I need to just look at the card.” There was a long pause. “What’s on the shelf? There’s something important on a shelf.” As this is occurring, one of the observers of the reading suggested that I was going through the process of ascension. (what is it? great question) Ascension is a spiritual awakening. I want to explore with you these recent experiences I’ve had with ascension. And who knows, maybe you’ll notice your own experience of ascending. Or maybe we’re meant to spend some time together. (I don’t think you reading this is a coincidence.) So let’s get to understanding the experience.

Unaware of Ascension

I was completely unaware of the term ascension until I heard it (really, read it) during that reading on Periscope. So I said before, ascension is a spiritual awakening. What’s interesting is that once there was a name to the experience I recognized it as having happened to me recently and throughout my life. I started seeing a pattern of what was happening when I was ascending. So let’s dig into becoming aware of and experiencing the physical parts of ascension.

tarot, ascension, tarot reading, lgbt, tarot liveAwareness of Ascension

You know those moments you get where you get the overwhelming urge to call someone? And when you give in to that urge you realize that you were needed by that person in that moment? Or the conversation was needed from some reason? You’ve either experienced a psychic connection or you’re having an experience related to ascending. Have you ever heard the voice of someone close to you who has passed in your ear (or your head) responding to something you’re doing or answering you when you are thinking to yourself? You’re experiencing a part of ascension. Because ascension is a spiritual awakening, you’re becoming aware of another plane, the spiritual plane, and interacting with it.  For some that means connecting to those who have past. For others it might mean connecting with a spirit guide. Hopefully in a safe way. And there’s a whole host of other types of connections.  Here’s a resource (affiliate) I used to learn more about spirit guides (that’s another post) and spiritual safety in realms that are not earthly.

Physical Notes of Ascension

For me, I’ve started to recognize certain physical characteristics of ascending.  I also notice a need to describe them to you during a reading so you know what’s happening and that it’s important. It’s a part of the message. Here’s a few:

  • Hyper focus: there’s no other item of interest to me than that which is the most important in the moment.
  • Head Touching: I touch my head a lot. Oddly, with my right hand. I’m left-handed. I find myself scratching the middle of my forehead near my hairline and touching the upper part of the right side of my face.
  • Body Movement: I need to move. Or I notice that I’ve tensed somewhere (like shoulders for example). Or I’m smiling uncontrollably.
  • Emotional Experience: I’ll have feelings of intense happiness or sadness
  • Voice: I haven’t noticed any changes in my voice other than giving into the emotion I’m experiencing
  • Tired: I tend to feel a bit exhausted after a period of exhilaration. It’s like an adrenaline rush. (Maybe it is!)

Tarot, ascension, tarot live, tarot reading, lgbtExperience of Ascension

I’ve had moments of ascension in the past that I will share briefly. I’ve also recently had two experiences where ascending was clearly a part of a reading. They happened to both be on Periscope (I’l link them so you can watch it!). Here’s how they went down.

Early Labor (Body Movement, Emotional Experience)

I woke up in the middle of the night with an overwhelming sense of fear and pain. My stomach hurt.  I was so scared and couldn’t remember a scary dream. I needed to call my sister. Something was wrong. I knew it in my gut. I also knew, somehow, that I wouldn’t be able to reach her. So I called my mom. The first words out of my mouth were asking about my sister and if she was okay. My mom told me she was on her way to the hospital and that she was in early labor.

House Shopping (Hyper Focus, Emotional Experience)

My husband and I were house shopping. We were looking at a nice house next to a school. Ascending the stairs I started feeling like I was unwelcome. When I entered the bedroom at the top I physically saw an empty room. But there was, plain as day, an old man in a bed, yellow and grey sheets/covers, sickly, clearly on his death bed. He’d been in that room for a long time. I know he’d passed there. He didn’t want to leave. It was his space. His house. He wanted us out.  I was transfixed and couldn’t leave the room. My husband came up the stairs and asked what I thought. I said we need to leave. There’s a dead guy here who doesn’t want us in this house.  We saw the basement and left. He told our realtor who validated my experience and as a surprise to me didn’t laugh.

Spirit Guide (Hyper Focus, Head Touching)

I went through several exercises to connect with who I believe is my spirit guide, Doug. They’re all found in How to Work & Meet with Spirit Guides by Ted Andrews. Interestingly when I say my name on the phone, people on the other end often think I say, Doug. I know for a fact I’ve told them, Seth.  I need to pay more attention to those moments.

43 (Hyper Focus, Head Touching, Body Movement, Tired)

Check out this ‘Scope: A lady wanted to know more about her meditation practice and why she was struggling lately. Little did we both know that her former finance needed to get a message to her.

13yr old (Hyper Focus, Head Touching, Body Movement, Tired)

Check out this ‘Scope (forward to the 1:00 mark): A woman wanted to reconnect with her husband who had passed. I think he had a message for her about her 13 year old son. Being a parent never ends.


I’m learning that during these recent moments of ascension that I seem to be going through some type of Long Island Medium craziness. With that tends to be validation for the person I’m reading for. Like the 43 in the first ‘Scope and the picture with the number three for the second (interestingly enough, the card I pulled had stones in a column with a column behind … like the number one … and a second column with two stones and a star.  How did I miss that 13?!)

tarot, ascension, tarot reading, tarot live, lgbtMediumship & Ascension Support

So am I a medium who ascends? I don’t have a friggin’ clue. I just know I keep having these identifiable moments that seem to be answered by defining ascension. I do reference this post at about ascension every once and a while. It doesn’t answer my question about mediumship. And I do think they’re two totally different things.

Sometimes I think her description of physical signs of ascension sound like ingredients for every cold, flu, bug bite, and bruised big toe. But who am I to judge? I just wrote a whole post about the same thing.  Maybe she’s just trying to do the same. What I do know is that it was helpful. At least for me. Hopefully this is helpful for others who are going through ascension. And maybe it’s helpful for you to know more about me and what happens with me during a reading.

What’s Next

I don’t know. But I think I need to learn more about mediumship.  So connect with me and let me know what you think about ascension and mediumship. Or any questions you might have. We can start learning this together.

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