5 Ways to Identify Your Skills to Discover Your Passion

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Identifying your passion is easier than you think. Start to identify your skills, then your interests, then your aspirations. Toss all that together and boom! You got a passion.

Today I want to focus on how you can identify your skills. In the last post we kept this discovery a bit high level. Remember, finding your passion is a process.  So today, we’re going to dig a bit deeper. Your ability to identify your passion is going to require some self reflection about what you are crazy good at doing. Can you organize a house in record time? Do gourmet meals seem to fly out of your kitchen? Or maybe you’re raising the next POTUS. How are you even doing that? Have you thought about it?

Let’s think about it together, right now.

5 Easy Ways to Identify Your Skills.

  1. Identify what you are complimented on that you say, “Oh, no problem!” (And mean it, not just a euphemism for ‘you’re welcome’) Often, the thing that you think nothing of because you’re so good at it, because it comes so easy to you, is that hidden gem of a skill that others dream of having. Think back, when was the last time you told someone that what you did wasn’t a problem for you? Now think about how you achieved the outcome they were so thankful for. What were you so good at that made it so easy? That’s you’re first skill.  Own it! Who else could have done that like you?
  2. Remember the achievements you were praised for as a kid. When you were younger you probably had less of a filter. I certainly did. Not only did words come out of your mouth that your parents wish you hadn’t heard, but I’m sure you probably stuck your hand on a stove burner or ate cat food or something equally scary or gross. Was initiative always a part of you? Was trying new things something you found yourself doing because you love to experiment and the next thing you knew science class was AH-mazing but you didn’t want to be a nerd so you did something different and now you want to be Taraji in Hidden Figures? I think you just found skill number two.
  3. Recall what part you played in a project’s success. Now I’m going to challenge your brain. Get ready to think backwards. This is a great exercise, it forces you to examine your preconceived notions from a different angle. It unpacks them as if you were noticing your skills for the first time.  Get ready. Imagine you’re part of a successful project and your boss is publicly thanking you for your contribution to executives in your organization. What part did you play in the project’s success? If you find yourself listing achievements, unpack those in the same way. Imagine the project manager thanking you for your achievement, what did it take for you to get there? This one is probably going to take a minute, but you’re also going to mine some gold here. You’re probably not only going to find skill number three, but four and five as well!
  4. Go ask people what you’re good at. Whether you’re a people person or not! Friends, colleagues, professors, siblings, parents, spouses, whomever. Set up some coffees. Call your mother. Take notes. Once you’ve got your notes combine them and look for themes. If anything, this is going to feel really good. The bonus is that you find skill number four.
  5. Volunteer! Now if you’re still unsure if the skills you’ve uncovered so far are in fact skills that you have mastered, try volunteering. Go explore the skills you identified from the previous exercises. Research non-profits in your area. Go through a volunteer center. Volunteer for a role that requires you to explore the skills you identified. You’ll probably find out real quick if you’re good at what you think you are when you’re doing it for free (and if you love it as much as you think).

I hope these steps get you thinking about how you can identify your skills. In my next blog posts we’ll cover ways to identify your interests and aspirations so we can reach the goal of uncovering your passion! In the meantime, if you’d like a free checklist & worksheet to keep you on track to discovering your passion, you can get it by joining my bi-weekly mailing list.

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