10 Stones

Energy for the day: tactile completion. Let’s get some shit done!


The 10 Stones takes me to a place of being surrounded by family and need fulfillment. For many of us in the LGBQ & T community that means making our own family or finding our tribe (friend says this often, I love it). In fact, I think we all do it out of a need to be around those like us. Still, others need that because their blood relatives have disowned, rejected, denied them.

In particular, for me, this card isn’t about just the above. It’s also about the immediacy of those connections and the belief that they will last into the future. That’s faith, trust, love. That’s nurturing & caring for those relationships. So this card could be about creating, finding, caring for, believing & trusting in, our tribe.

I could take it even further out and connect each of those stones to sub-communities within the LGBQ & T community. So it doesn’t have to represent the individual, it can also represent the collective.

And is the sun setting or rising? Gah! I could probably do this forever. No clouds for the stagnant heat? Or is it overcast?

So much rides on the question in the moment!

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