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Dad Started Working For Free.

Being outside is my father’s passion. When I was growing up I remember a time when my father loved to go to work. I know he was easily working for free.  See, he loved to be in the woods. His livelihood was the land. It spoke to him. The environment was quiet. He could, I imagine, know himself better there. And I do not doubt, sometimes it was just about getting away. Then that started to shift.

Working For Free Changed by Choice.

He took a new job supervising those who got to go out into the woods. Then he took another job policing those who were in the woods interacting with those folks who had his first job. He made choices based on responsibility rather than self preservation or from a wholistic place

His new jobs forced him to be inside and to go to meeting after meeting. He had to be in government offices and courtrooms. He did this because he was trying to preserve what he had once loved and only occasionally got to experience with his family, friends, or as a Scoutmaster. And time kept running out.

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Was he working for free? No. Not after taking those new jobs. These choices cost. He paid with his sense of self, his joy, his fulfillment, and his energy. Luckily he had the opportunity to fulfill that passion through occasional vacations, a walk through our back yard, hunting trips, and with the Boy Scouts.

Was that enough? Only he can answer that.

Are You Working For Free?

I’d like you to pause a moment and tell me: Are you working for free? All it will cost you is your email address. Not your soul. That’s what letting your passion pass by costs.  But what do I have for you? You’ll get access to my workbook to take action to identify your passion.

Are You Working For Free?

Don’t Sacrifice.

I want to make sure that you don’t have to sacrifice what you’re passionate about. If you can find 30 minutes in your day, you can begin living your passion. It’s all about beginning. We all get the same 24 hours. You get to schedule yours. Prioritize your requirements and your 30 minutes.

And tell others about that 30 minutes! The more people that know about and respect your 30 minutes while you’re in the zone, the more probable it is that you’ll get it.

So grab that workbook and start clarifying your passion for yourself.

Bye Felicia.

Don’t worry if you get a taste for living your passion. Once you’ve had the taste you can’t get it out of your mouth. You’ll just find a way to reprioritize your “must-haves.”

And by the way, there are those people who are going to say stupid things. They can’t imagine how you found the time. Or, they could never do what you’re doing. Those people are  going to be the people who ask how you successfully manage your time and want to know how to do what you’re doing.

Everyone else gets the “Bye, Felicia” side-eye.

Working For Free = Energy.

I know working for free sounds cray-cray. But it’s the trope, right? If you do what you love, or get to do what you love, you would most certainly do it for free. (You don’t have to!) But I mean it’s that good. It feels that good that you just might find yourself working overtime.

And I know doing extra sounds like a lot of work on top of everything else you’re doing. And it is.

Class, if you’ve been paying attention this far, you know I don’t sugar coat that challenging stuff.

So yes, even the act of working for free sounds tiring. But doing more work is actually energizing when you’re doing what you’re passionate about.


So here’s the thing. If you want to be living your “in the woods” passion take inventory of the things that you would do for free. Those requests you get where you tell someone, “no problem.” That feeling when you get excited about diving into a project.

Your Journey.

I know you’ll be struggling with how your relationships start to change during this period of discovery. As we grow and change so must those we interact with. When they don’t grow and change you may need to shift your circle of love and support.

Give everyone the opportunity to come along with you. ‘Cause it’s your journey. They get to choose if they want to be a part of it. Your job is to know when it’s time to let them go or hold them close.

Here’s a hint. Keep those that say, “Yes!” even a “Yaaaaaasssss!” ‘Cause they got you.

Your Tarot Journey.

Important side note: Tarot can help you through your growing and changing relationships. And it can certainly help you fast track discovering your passion. But the destination isn’t the story, it’s about the journey, right?

If you need help sorting out relationships, let me know. Drop me a line or if you’ve already had a reading with me and you’d like to have another to work through those dynamics, you can book those in the store.

So Let Me Know. Are You Working For Free?

BTW – there’s no harm to want your paycheck while you’re working for free. It’s the perk for excelling at doing what you’re passionate about.

If you need support on your journey to a life of fulfillment, having more energy, and overcoming your ability to self-sabotage your success, keep in touch with me. You’re going to love the passion work I’m doing.

Are You Working For Free?

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