Get Motivated to Rise to the Next Challenge

Do you love to plan? Or maybe you love to schedule. If you don’t, then you’re about to learn how planning creates your roadmap to success.

How to Seize Your Big Win

If you truly want to seize your big win, it’s time to try something new! Something objective! Get yourself a tarot reading!

Get Things Done Using the Four Elements

Project Management Projects are any undertaking that solves a problem by producing a product, service, or a result. How do you know you have a project on your hands? When you realize you want to solve a problem and it’s going to take more than two minutes. The Project Management Institute has codified what a …

What Interests Did You Enjoy at Age 10?

Finding your passion in life has never been easier. It certainly doesn’t have to be hard. I mean, who thought that taking a trip down memory lane could help you discover what you love to do? And you’ve got me to walk you through it! Today is about continuing to uncover your interests. Let’s get you closer to …

Tarot at Work: Career Planning, Implementation, Maintenance with Tarot

Get a jump on new year’s resolutions by taking control of your career through #Tarot. Watch to focus on career planning, implementation, and maintenance with Tarot.  

Career Defining Tarot Readings Are Not A Myth

Career: Why Think About it Now? Halloween has left us behind and we’re on a holiday trajectory that retail has defined for us. We all get swept up into it somehow. No matter our religious beliefs, no matter our participation, you can’t escape the urge to go buy something. It least I can’t. Deals are …

Motivation at Work is All About Your Approach

I’ve been the employee who has had a boss that started off with a bang. Motivation all over the place. Forever. I felt lifted, supported, challenged. I’ve also been the employee where my boss started that way and the enthusiasm waned. And, of course, I’ve also been the employee who had a boss who could give a rats ass. I get it. We have a great boss if we’re lucky and mediocre to shitty bosses when we’re not. So I learned to find my own motivation. The problem is, that’s not always easy. Today I have an inspiring boss(es).  Still, I’m also in a place that I need extra oomph. And that’s only going to come from inside me. That’s where the Tarot comes in. It’s an objective 3rd party that allows you to see a holistic view of your situation. Once you have that insight, then you can start to make decisions about how to move yourself.

How Do You Prepare for Next Week?

Sometimes we get so busy we neglect making sure that we’ve taken a moment to prepare for the week to come. In order to be more successful at everything take a few minutes and watch this vid. Let’s get more done in your week!

Do You Know Your Professional Skills?

Looking to discover, define, and capitalize on your professional skills. Tarot can help! Take a look at this short video to get an overview.

One-on-One: Manager Tarot Support

As a new manager, I sought out tools to support me and make me successful.  As an experienced manager, I realized that some of my tools were already in my own backyard! I’ll mention more about Manager Tools at the end. They’re a solid resource. But so is Tarot. Especially when applied to one-one-one time. …